Welcome – EveryVoiceCounts 2015

EveryVoiceCounts 2015: Welcome to Discover

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Thank you for your interest in the EveryVoiceCounts community consultation process. We recently invited our community stakeholders to engage in a virtual 3 step conversation about what they believe should be priorities in our schools and we’re excited to share these results with you.

Response from the community was affirming and is providing a wealth of input for our school Board. This engagement is invaluable to help drive the strategic direction of the Board for the next three years and we encourage you to dig into the results over the next few pages to see what your community is thinking and feeling.

The time spent by our community to engage in this process is deeply appreciated.

Chris N. Roehrig,
Director of Education

Our Stakeholders appreciate:

  • Quality teachers and staff
  • Parental and community involvement
  • School environment
  • Sense of community
  • Faith education

Areas where we can improve:

  • Elevated focus on supervision and safety
  • Additional supports for students with special needs
  • Improved behaviour and reduced bullying    
  • Increased parental and community involvement 
  • Highlighted student accountability and character development


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